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Procurement activity plan

The Procurement team at Cenitex manages all buying activity in alignment with its capability profile, through the assessment of complexity across procurement categories and sub-categories.

To get the best value for money for ourselves and our customers, Cenitex leverages economies of scale, as well as a strategic governance framework that includes category plans, supplier management plans, annual budget allocations and Cenitex business and strategic plans.

Cenitex’s annual Procurement Activity Plan is prepared as per the Victorian Government Purchasing Board’s policy framework to aid and inform our suppliers. By helping suppliers prepare for forward demand, they can participate in market engagements more effectively, resulting in healthy, competitive markets that contribute to delivering value for money.

This table represents Cenitex’s Procurement Activity Plan for the period 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024. The plan will be reviewed annually and updated as required.

Supplier market opportunities 
The following procurement activity is presented according to identified forecasting of Cenitex’s sourcing requirements. 

NoProcurement name and descriptionEstimated contract durationMarket approachEstimated market approachNature of expenditure
1Provision of SANS hardware and support3 yearsSelective SPCQuarter 1Goods and Services
2Microsoft 365 Backup Tooling1 yearSelective RFPQuarter 1/2Services
3Provision of SDDC Cloud Provider1 yearSelective SPCQuarter 2Services
4Provision of firewall analyser3 yearsSelective RFQQuarter 2Services
5Provision of Digital Experience Monitoring2 yearsSelective RFQQuarter 2Services
6Provision of Cloud Print Services1 yearSelective SPCQuarter 2Goods and Services
7Provision of Data Platform Services – Data Catalogue and Governance2 yearsSelective RFPQuarter 2Services
8Provision of Data Platform Services – Ingestion and Storage2 yearsSelective SPCQuarter 2Services
9Provision of Network Technology Professional Services Panel2 yearsSelective SPCQuarter 2Services
10Provision of Cloud Migration and Services2 yearsSelective SPCQuarter 2Services
11Provision of Software Licence Reseller Panel3 yearsSelective RFPQuarter 2Services
12Provision of Domino Decommissioning1 yearSelective RFQQuarter 2/3Services
13Provision of Privileged Access Management (PAM)1 yearSelective RFPQuarter 3/4Services
14Provision of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)1 yearSelective SPCQuarter 3/4Services

The Cenitex 2023-24 annual procurement plan is current as at 30 September 2023.

All queries related to the annual procurement plan should be directed to Tim Jones, Director Procurement at

All Cenitex planned procurements are subject to revision or cancellation. The information in the annual procurement plan is provided for planning purposes only. The annual procurement plan does not represent a solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by Cenitex to purchase the described goods or services. Cenitex will manage unsolicited bids in accordance with its procurement framework policies and procedures.