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Workplace computing

GO Connect

GO Connect service provides a seamless, always-on, remote connection from a corporate PC or Notebook to the internal corporate network, regardless of location. All you need is a working and stable internet connection.
The service is in-line with existing Government Security guidelines, maintaining network access by providing built-in second factor authentication.

What’s Included

  • SSL Certificate for second factor authentication
  • Desktop software to facilitate the automatic connection
  • Automatic establishment of a reliable and secure connection back to the internal corporate network


  • Corporate PC or Notebook with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support
  • Windows 8.1 or higher operating system
  • The SOE Software Maintenance Release level must be within one level (“n-1”) of current
  • Connection to internal corporate network for initial set-up and sign-on
  • Workplace package
  • Go Desktop
  • Go Desktop DFFH/DoH
  • Go Desktop Non-Tenant


  • None

Service Offer

  • Annual subscription per account
  • GO Connect User Account Offering (Account)

Service Request

  • A one-off request to establish or modify a service
  • Go Connect Establishment
  • Removal of Go Connect

Service Level

  • Accessible 24/7/365
  • Request fulfilment business hours
  • Service performance 99.8%